By: Carmela S. Obayan, RN

          The different departments at Rizal Medical Center are assigned to conduct activities each month in celebration of the institution’s 75th Anniversary. The Nursing Division rocked the month of October as they facilitated different events. The division started the monthlong celebration with a parade last October 3, 2016 at 6:00 a.m. The parade was directed by the nursing council and led by the Chief Nursing Officer, Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores. The nurses walked around the hospital visiting every ward. The parade ended at the RMC Auditorium and as a treat for everyone, free taho was given to the employees of RMC.


RMC nurses’ assembly during the parade with the front-line nurses from the Emergency Room Department. 


Nurses went around Rizal Medical Center visiting each ward with their Nurse Mascot.


Best nursing practices artistically presented during the photo exhibit at the RMC lobby.

          Each year the nursing department does not fail to showcase their best practices to the public. This is done through their photo exhibit held in the hospital lobby so that visitors could see the quality care nurses of RMC provide. As in previous years, the nursing division has always been proud to present these best practices. The collection of photos was on display for the whole month of October.

          One of the Nursing Division’s responsibilities was to promote wellness in the institution. In its effort to encourage this, a one day program with the theme “Race to Wellness” was conducted last October 7, 2016. The program made blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring activities available for free to all employees of Rizal Medical Center. Also as part of promoting wellness is the nursing division’s campaign for weight loss in which it challenged RMC employees to join the “The Biggest Loser” contest. Employees from the different departments of RMC participated in the game. The winner received a cash gift worth P5,000.00. Wellness is not only based on how sexy your body is, but also on how one projects his/her body. To illustrate this point, a hair cut for men and manicure for women were given for free to the RMC employees to help them project themselves better. Free massage was also given to the first 100 employees last October 11, 2016 at the RMC Auditorium. RMC is not only a place where hard work is done but where leisure takes place as well.


Some of the participants in the weight loss challenge did some aerobic exercise wearing their “Biggest Loser” t-shirts.


One of RMC’s dear nurses feeling “pogi” while submitting himself to a free but expertly executed haircut.


These gorgeous ladies enjoy some pampering time during a free manicure session at the RMC Auditorium.

          The celebration last October 2016 not only focused on Physical Wellness but on Environmental Wellness as well since the nursing division conducted a tree planting event right in the backyard of Rizal Medical Center.  This tree planting event was participated by the EXECOM led by none other than Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores, the Chief Nursing Officer. Dr. Relito M. Saquilayan, (Medical Center Chief II), Dr. Rica M. Lumague (Chief Medical Professional Staff), Dr. Buddy A. Ortego (Chief Administrative Officer), Dr. Primo B. Valenzuela (Chief Training Officer) and Ms. Marivilla L. Osorio (Chief Finance Officer) had their trees planted in front of the statue of Rizal. These trees were as a matter of fact also named after them. Dr. Buddy A. Ortego and Dr. Primo B. Valenzuela who were not present at the event were represented by Dr. Carmensita Solidum and Eng. Jen Quintero.


Tree planting activity with the EXECOM together with some of the members of the Nursing Council.

          To foster the spirit of giving this Christmas season of 2016, the nursing division stimulated the hearts of each department to take part in a gift giving activity that will benefit the children of Tahanan ng Pagmamahal (an orphanage). It was nice to learn that every department was more than willing to give something to the orphans.  With the combined efforts of everyone, RMC was able to put big smiles on the faces of every child in the orphanage. As gift giving is made possible outside RMC in the case of the orphanage, it is also facilitated within the confines of RMC in the form of a film showing which was organized for the hospital’s pediatric patients. The viewers were able to receive food and early Christmas gifts.


Gifts gathered from the warm hearts from every department in Rizal Medical Center. 


The children from Tanghalan ng Pagmamahal smile for a picture together with RMC’s volunteer nurses who visited the orphanage and offered gifts to these kids last October 26, 2016


Pediatric patients posed for a picture after the film showing of The Charlie Brown Movie as an early Christmas treat.


Ms. Cory Quirino together with RMC’s dear nurses who participated in the personality seminar.

          To promote self-concept and awareness, the nursing division headed a personality development seminar entitled “Kung Ikagaganda mo, I push mo!”. Ms. Cory Quirino was poised all throughout the seminar while sharing on personality development to all the participants. With the secret of aging gracefully revealed by this awesome woman of elegance and youthfulness, employees of RMC definitely learned how to stay healthy and achieve a youthful outlook in life.  

          Another activity the nurses enjoyed was Party Jamming Night as RMC’s nurses surely enjoyed the serenade of the live band, the Six Elements. The last activity that the Nursing Division organized was a fashion show with the theme “Off Duty Part 2”. The activity exhibited the beauty of RMC’s nurses in their sports, casual and formal attire.  Ms. Marianne Cortez from the Operating Room Department and Mr. Kelvin Hernando from the Recovery Room Department were the most notable individuals in their outfits. 


The gorgeous and handsome nurses in their stunning formal attire. 

          The month of October really rocked with activities conducted by the Nursing Division throughout the month.  RMC’s nurses proved that they worked hard but played harder as they took a break from their duties and enjoyed these activities with their colleagues. Watch out for another exciting activity in December as the Nursing Division will preside over a regional festival.