By: Maria Carmen G. Segovia, RPh


               In the recent Miss Philippines Tourism 2017 Pageant held on July 30, 2017 at Chardonnay by Astoria, our pharmacist, Princess Kristha T. Singh, won Miss Philippines Tourism – Luzon.


        As it was known, the competition was composed of ladies representing their own cities throughout the Philippines and our candidate represented the city of Pasig. The competition lasted over a month with different events held to showcase the beauty, talent and intelligence of the candidates. Each candidate’s social media appeal was also judged through text votes and out of 29 candidates, Ms. Singh topped 6 overall. In the long gown competition held at Chateau Royale, she was also awarded the title of Face of the Night.

             With the beauty, intelligence and charm that she presented during the pageant, it was easy to bet that she might win the competition, and she did! Back in college, she also represented the school of Pharmacy as a candidate in the Ms. CEU competition and won 2nd runner up as a first-time participant. It was also her first time to compete in the Miss Philippines Tourism Pageant; however, with her confidence, her family and friends that supported her, she bravely endured and brought home the crown. The Pasigueños are not the only ones who are proud of her, we are as well as her fellow RMCians.