“Nursing Leader’s Toolkit for the 21st Century”

            The Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines (ANSAP) has never failed to give us quality seminars and conventions for the past years. And last August 25, 2017, the 50th Mid-year convention was held at the Fieta Pavilion, Manila Hotel from 7:00am to 5:00pm. This year’s convention showcased today’s generation of great mentors and leaders not only in the field of nursing but also in other health care disciplines. The theme of this year’s convention was Nursing Leader’s Toolkit for the 21st Century.

            The convention was started by a thanksgiving mass presided over by Rev. Fr. Ulysses C. Caho. This mass was chaired by our very own Chief Nursing Officer, Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores who was also the Chair of the Ethics and Legislation Committee of ANSAP. Dr. Flores was also the floor director of the said convention. The Nursing Division choir who sang during the mass also showed their unwavering talents. After the mass was the program proper. Dr. Jesus M. Jardin who was the keynote speaker emphasized that leaders today must change the landscape of how they lead. This is because of the different significant phenomena that we are currently facing in the 21st century.


            There were also presentations made by different health care institutions of their respective nursing researches. We, at Rizal Medical Center, are proud that one of the research works that were on poster display was ours which is entitled, “Evaluating Leadership and Management Skills of Selected Nurse Managers in Rizal Medical Center: A Quantitative Analysis.”  Ms. Arlene Parcasio, team leader of the group responsible for this research, received the certificate of appreciation.



Ms. Arlene Parcasio (6th from the left) was one of our representatives who was designated to receive the certificate of appreciation in regards to our participation in the Poster Display of research studies.


The Research entry of Rizal Medical Center on a poster display in the 50th Mid-Year ANSAP Convention.


Participants of the 50th ANSAP Convention with Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores, Chief Nursing Officer of RMC (6th from the left) and Dr. Rodolfo C. Borromeo (7th from the left), the Chairperson of the Research Committee of ANSAP.

leaders in the field of nursing. May we all be ready to grab our toolkits and be prepared to lead the nurses in the 21st century!