Conflicts do arise in any organization and Health care organizations are definitely not exempted from this conflict specially in the area of management. However, it is still important to create value through managing these arising conflicts in the work place. Having this line of thinking, Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores encouraged our nurses to participate in a seminar conducted by the ANSAP which had the theme: “Creating Value Through Conflict Management.” This seminar which happened to be the 12th Perla B. Sanchez Management Lecture in the series was held at the Rigodon Hall of the Manila Hotel last August 24, 2017.

          The objective of the seminar included the identification of counterproductive habit pattern in the workplace that affects safety of staff and clients. Another objective was to be able to identify strategies for creating a positive environment for a win-win outcome. NI and NII nurses from RMC have participated in the seminar with our Chief Nursing Officer. This seminar would in all likelihood help our nurses to solve conflicts in a more efficient and effective manner which could most probably result in improved quality and patient safety as well as an increase in staff morale.






















Nurses from different specialty and clinical areas of RMC led by their Chief Nursing Officer, Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores, participated in the ANSAP Seminar held at the Manila Hotel.