Research is always at the forefront in the field of healthcare. In turn, creating effective medical studies has always been an integral part of residency training. Given the ever-evolving nature of clinical practice, the Medical Center knows the value of research and has always emphasized this on specialists-to-be. In medical practice, there will also come a time wherein a doctor would encounter a rare manifestation of a disease. One may observe strange symptoms not commonly seen in a particular condition. In more simple terms, the attending would be in a “diagnostic dilemma.” Case reports, in essence, would trace the steps of the attending physician in these kinds of encounters: how the disease presented itself, what were the steps leading to the diagnosis, its subsequent management and the overall prognosis. In turn, these reports would make other doctors more conscious of these conditions and promote awareness of such diseases. Spearheaded by the Training Office, realizing the importance of research papers and case reports, the Medical Center conducted its 8th Interdepartmental Research Paper and Interesting Case Report Presentation last October 24, 2017 in the Rizal Med Auditorium.

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Participants selected from the different medical departments were tasked to present their topics and case reports. The topics have been previously selected from all submitted entries by a panel of seasoned consultants who are also deeply involved in the field of research. The participants are allowed to present the key points of their study in front of guests and is followed by a series of questions from the judges. Winning papers are assessed by its impact on clinical practice, how the study was executed and how it was presented in front of the audience. This year, the ones awarded in the Research Paper Category are Bhupinder K. Girn, MD (1st Place) from the Department of Pediatrics and Carl Chester L. Go, MD (2nd Place) from the Department of Laboratory Medicine. For the Case Report Category, the winning participants include Danielle Nicole O. Dionisio-Mejia, MD (1st Place) and Therese Catherine Acero, MD (2nd Place) who are both from the Department of Internal Medicine, Section of Dermatology. Activities promoting excellence in the field, such as this, are more than likely to continue in the long run. The practice of Medicine will always find its flourish in research.

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