By: Carmela S. Obayan, RN

           At one point in our lives, we became fanatics of anime and comics and we would later on reminisce occasionally on the times that we became addicted to the world of these fictional characters. These childhood memories, then, became the source of inspiration for the theme of the Nursing Division’s 2017 Christmas Party. The Division brought all of its personnel back to their childhood days when it celebrated its Christmas Party last December 20, 2017 with the theme, “Nursing Division Goes Comicon.”


Our nursing personnel in their colorful costumes posed with the kids who were invited to join the Christmas Party.

           With the leadership of Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores (Chief Nursing Officer) and Mr. Samuel O. Raymundo (Overall Chairperson of the Event), all of the personnel enjoyed the comic and anime world for a day. All of the staff members from the clinical and specialty areas were in their best costumes to portray the anime or comic characters they had chosen. The highlight of the event was the presentations of the 9 groups from the different clinical and specialty areas of Rizal Med. The champion of the competition was the group whose members came from the IMCU, Surgery 2 and Recovery Room. They wore costumes to represent characters from the anime, One Piece. The group from Surgery 1 and Delivery Room that had the Voltes 5 outifits got second place. Third place was taken by Philhealth Ward, PICU and OB Main as their X-men attires captured the senses of the judges.


The Nursing Management Committee members in their Kimonas as they represented the characters in the anime, Samurai X.


The Avengers Squad from the Emergency Room, Triage and OB OR is ready for battle.      


The Champion of the presentations was the group from IMCU, Surgery II and Recovery with their One Piece (anime) costumes


The second placers got their very own robot and the whole team of Voltes Five


The X-men gang was complete as they posed for a photo after being announced that they got third place.

          The Nursing Division’s annual celebration of Christmas has never run out of style, uniqueness and talents. The generational divide did not matter during this celebration. Whether in the generation of baby boomers or the present millennials, all had travelled back in time to their childhood days as they portrayed these fictional characters from the comics and the anime kingdom!