Last March 6, 2018, Asec. Dr. Maria Francia M. Laxamana of the Department of Health had a surprise visit to the Emergency Room of Rizal Med to check on the Dengue Fast Lane provided by the hospital for our patients. The Dengue Fast Lane was staffed by one of our passionate and dedicated nurses in the person of Ms. Marga Mae Mariano. Ms. Mariano was trained to care for pediatric patients and is certified in infectious disease nursing by the Department of health. Dr. Laxama was ushered by Dr. Buddy Ortego (Chief Administrative Officer) and Dr. Louise Marie Flores (Chief Nursing Officer) throughout the visit.

          Also, last March 9, 2018, Dr. Francisco T. Duque III, our health Secretary, came to Rizal Med for a visit. During his visit, he went to the Emergency Room Department as well and checked on the Dengue Fast lane in response to public concerns brought about by the threat of denguevaxia. Together with Dr. Relito Saquilayan (Medical Center Chief), the health secretary visited the Pediatric Ward to check on the condition of a Denguevaxia-vaccinated patient. The nurses and doctors at the Pediatric Ward assured the health secretary via their work ethic that the best nursing and medical care are being provided for our institution’s dear clients afflicted with dengue.

         We, at Rizal Medical Center, are in unison with the Department of Health in achieving the goal of giving the best care and treatment to our dengue patients and we are striving in making this goal a reality. Rizal Med fights hand in hand with the Department of Health against dengue!

Fight against dengue1

Asec. Maria Francia Laxamana (second to the left) visited the Dengue Fast Lane of the Rizal Med last March 6, 2018. Dr. Louise Marie Flores (Chief Nursing Office) and Dr. Buddy Ortego (Chief Administrative Officer ushered Dr. Laxamana throughout the visit.

Fight against dengue2

Dr. Relito Saquilayan (Medical Center Chief) explains to Sec. Francisco Duque, during the good secretary’s visit, the process flow of admitting a dengue patient through the dengue fast lane.