July 22 & 27, 2020, August 18 & 31, 2020 and September 9, 2020

By: Dermatology Department

A year since its establishment, the Rizal Medical Center Eczema and Allergy Center (RizalMed-EAC) launched its first ever webinar series to educate physicians on the common eczemas, including its diagnosis and management. Specifically, the webinar series was intended for general practitioners and other subspecialties who also frequently encounter these conditions.

The webinar series began last July 22, 2020 with an educational grant by Mylan.  The first in the webinar series was entitled “Atopic Eczema 101”, where a comprehensive discussion on the diagnosis of atopic dermatitis was given by Dr. Mae R. Quizon. The head of the RizalMed-EAC, Dr. Cecilia Rosete, likewise shared her expertise on the management of eczema, especially when shifting from the use of topical corticosteroids to topical calcineurin inhibitors.


Last July 27,2020, the EAC launched the “Peerkonnect program” with Glenmark Philippines. The five-week program aimed to enhance the knowledge of pediatricians in the diagnosis and management of Atopic Dermatitis. A total of 55 pediatricians from different parts of the Philippines were enrolled in this peer-to-peer program. They were subsequently divided into small teams and were assigned a facilitator specialist who guided them in managing difficult cases of atopic dermatitis, which they saw in practice. The assigned facilitators included members of the RizalMed-EAC, namely Dr. Francisco DC. Rivera,IV, Chairman of the Rizal Medical Center Department of Dermatology, and Dr. Cecilia R. Rosete, the head of the RizalMed-EAC. The team was also comprised of Dr. Mary Charmaine G. Castillo, Dr. Mae R. Quizon, Dr. Alma Gay Concepcion Amado, Dr. Martha B. Tapales, Dr. Sharlene P. Temblique and Dr. Czarina P. Chavez.  To open the program, Dr. Niña G. Ticzon, a Pediatric Allergologist, shared her expertise on atopic dermatitis and the atopic march. This was followed by an extensive discussion on the diagnosis and management of atopic dermatitis as shared by Dr. Kimberly Anne Tantuco, a pediatric dermatologist. The program ended last August 31, 2020 through an engaging and fruitful program where consultant facilitators presented lectures with topics ranging from disease mimickers to the management of atopic dermatitis.


For the third leg of the webinar series, the RizalMed-EAC partnered with Bayer Phiippines for two (2) separate webinars. The first webinar was held last August 18, 2020 with Dr. Hanna Lucero-Orillaza discussing the basic features of endogenous and exogenous eczemas, including the general approach to its management. On the other hand, Dr. Martha B. Tapales, a licensed dermatologist and pharmacologist, talked about the different types of moisturizers as a cornerstone in the treatment of endogenous and exogenous eczemas. The succeeding webinar sponsored by Bayer Philippines was held last September 9, 2020. Dr. Alma Gay Concepcion Amado gave an extensive discussion on the common allergens that cause contact dermatitis in the household and in the workplace, including a special talk on patch testing and its contribution to the management of Atopic Dermatitis. She then ended the talk by highlighting the significance of contact dermatitis as a public health concern. The webinar series then culminated in a thorough discussion of urticaria presided by Dr. Mary Charmaine Castillo. Her presentation emphasized the importance of identifying the underlying causes of urticaria in order to eliminate the triggers and provide the most appropriate pharmacologic treatment of this difficult-to-control disease.



Throughout the series, the attendance consistently reached an average of 300 physicians from various specialties, with an 89% interest rating—a testament to the shared interest in advancing the quality of care for patients with eczema. Truly, the RizalMed-EAC intends to continue this pursuit of equipping our physician colleagues with the knowledge and skills that are essential in the diagnosis and management of eczematous disease in the coming years.