By Catherine Joy V. Agustin, MD 

     The Rizal Medical Center is a DOH-retained hospital committed not only to quality patient service, but to training and honing physicians in every specialty. The hospital accepts a good amount of competent medical graduates to undergo rigorous residency training programs. These resident physicians have been honed to provide service to our underprivileged patients with a heart and always with a smile.  They are not immune, though, to the daily stress of hospital work and sleepless nights in attending to patients’ needs. Hence, the hospital’s Training Department, under the leadership of Dr. Maria Rica Lumague, committed itself to create a work environment suitable for professional growth and development through different activities.

     One of the activities most awaited by the residents is the monthly Residents’ Hour which sets a venue for resident physicians to mingle with other medical departments and set aside, even for an hour, the challenging work inside hospital grounds. During these hours, residents are given an opportunity to meet new-comers, establish better relationship between peers, and of course, satisfy their gustatory cravings.

    The Department of Pediatrics hosted the Residents’ Hour held last October 30, 2015 at the RMC Main Conference Room, which was attended by residents from all medical departments, namely Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesia, Ophthalmology, ENT-Head and Neck Surgery, Radiology, and Laboratory Medicine. Attendees were asked to come in their best Halloween costumes to make the said activity more exciting. A guessing game on 90’s Anime soundtracks started the ball rolling and raised the residents’ adrenaline. This was followed by a costume contest, which was won by the Anesthesia Department, which came in clad as zombie patients. The activity ended well with a sumptuous snack. The said activity would not have been possible without the support of the Medical Staff Organization (MSO).

Halloween Special

     Indeed, with great power comes great responsibility. Doctors represent a group of hardworking individuals willing to serve and oftentimes even going beyond what is expected of them. But like everyone else, doctors can still have a great time.