By Carmela Obayan, RN

     It was October 17, 1958 when former President Carlos P. Garcia proclaimed the last week of October as Nurses' Week. It was under Proclamation No. 539. This has given thousands of nurses the opportunity to be appreciated and to celebrate their hard work and unselfish service to the public.

     The nurses of Rizal Medical Center celebrated this year’s Nurses’ Week with a theme of "Patient’s Safety: A Nurse Responsibility."  Surely, being at the patient’s side almost 99% of the time the patient is admitted, nurses are accountable for their patient's safety. In line with this, the nursing service prepared a week-long celebration for their nurses. October 26, 2015 was the start of this joyful celebration, which began with a welcome parade joined by the nurses of the clinical and specialty areas, along with the RMC nursing mascot. The parade ended at the RMC Auditorium where the participants attended the Monday flag-raising ceremony. At the flag ceremony, Ms. Julieta Unida formally opened the week-long celebration, which was joined by Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores (Chief Nurse) and Dr. Relito M. Saquilayan (Medical Center Chief) during the cutting of the ribbon. After the flag ceremony, the Nursing Division treated everyone to free and healthy “taho.”




     Day Two of the celebration started healthily through a "Hataw Exercise" joined by the nurses. An Aerobic Taebo dance was conducted to get everyone in shape at the start of the day. It was also on the second day when a photo exhibit was displayed at the lobby of the RMC. The exhibit showcased the best practices of nurses in ensuring patient’s safety. Another exhibit displayed the caricature of the hands of nurses who commit themselves to proper hand hygiene in caring for their patients during the echo seminar on hand hygiene.



     In the afternoon of the Day Two celebration, a free massage was offered to all the RMC personnel. A free spa to pay back the selfless service of our nurses and other personnel surely removed those back and muscle pains.


     How does it feel for a pediatric patient to be hospitalized? The time of playing outside their homes was taken from them by their illness. This encouraged the nursing service to let these patients watch the movie “Inside Out” even if they were admitted. A free snack was also served to them. This act of service put smiles on these little angels. 


     On Day Three of the celebration, a sweet treat for the AM, PM and Night Shift duty nurses was served through an ice cream on wheels. An ice cream on stick was a sure glucose treat for their cells, for the nurses to start up their duty.


     The fourth day touched on the spiritual lives of our nurses. A healing mass was conducted at the RMC Auditorium celebrated by Father Edgar Dolina. It was a healing mass intended to offer prayers for the patients. Some of the patients admitted were invited to come to the mass. A prayer was offered and there was also a laying of hands on the sick. After the mass, volunteer nurses, led by none other than Dr. Flores (Chief Nursing Officer), went to Tahanan ng Pagmamahal for some gift-giving to the homeless children of the orphanage.



     Being the main agents on health promotion, our nurses also conducted a free hemoglucotest and blood pressure monitoring on the fourth day of the celebration. Everyone was encouraged to have their glucose and blood pressure monitored. Our nurses surely see the importance of preventing Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension, which are some of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in the country.


     The last day of the celebration ended with a showcase of the beauty and handsomeness of our nurses. A fashion show was conducted at the RMC Auditorium. Candidates were nurses from the different clinical and specialty areas. Ms. Irene De Mesa, from IMCU, got the crown as she confidently strutted down the cat walk. On the other hand, Mr. Brylle Zamora, from DR/LR got the male grand winner title as he did his poses up on stage. Nurses at Rizal Medical Center are truly beautiful and talented!