Nurses in the Forefront of Healthcare with Competence and Compassion

            Every month of October, our institution gives tribute to our dear nurses, the heroes of our generations. The Nursing Division of Rizal Med celebrated Nurses’ Week with a bang in October of 2017 from the 23rd to 29th! This is to give honor to our nurses who constantly serve us with competence and compassion. The kick start activity was a parade which was joined by our nurses from different clinical and specialty areas. The parade ended in the auditorium and was then followed by the flag raising ceremony presided over by the Nursing Division. The nurses already showcased their talents as they performed an MOB for the crowd. It was also during the flag ceremony that Dr. Relito M. Saquilayan (Medical Chief Director) and Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores (Chief Nursing Officer) had formally opened the activities for Nurses’ Week through a ribbon cutting ceremony. The photo exhibit which was also opened was held in the hospital lobby. A sweet taho treat was shared by all hospital employees after the flag ceremony.


Our dear nurses came together for the Parade which was the kick-off activity to start Nurses’ Week. The parade began in the Rizal Med parking area and ended in the Auditorium.


The MOB dance our talented nurses have prepared for everyone was presented during the flag ceremony last October 23, 2017.


Dr. Relito M. Saquilayan (Medical Chief Officer) and Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores formally opened the weeklong celebration of Nurses’ Week through a ribbon cutting ceremony.

               Following the flag ceremony was a scientific symposium for all the nurses. Ms. Gail Ignacio Amarrado was the guest speaker who discussed about sterilization and disinfection and its importance especially to nurses. Simultaneously, a bazaar selling different products from foods to cosmetics was also open to all hospital employees. This bazaar lasted the whole week.


A token of appreciation awarded to Ms. Gail Ignacio Amarado after the seminar on Disinfection and Sterilization.


The unique and inspiring photo exhibit for this year that showcased our dear nurses’ handling of their favorite and motivating quotes.


Baymax going around Rizal Med offering his warm and sweet hugs to everyone.

               On October 24, all the nurses were invited to join the hataw exercise. As health promoters, these front liners of care should espouse healthy living and exercise. A hug and pat on the back were offered by our friend, Baymax, during his rounds throughout the hospital. Surely, this simple treat had brought big smiles not only to our nurses but also to other hospital personnel who each was hugged and got a pat on the back. A thank you card, souvenirs and an ice cream treat were also distributed to all nurses on duty. These simple gifts were expressions of gratitude for the unwavering service our nurses at Rizal Med offer to the public.

               On October 25, as part of the health promotion and illness prevention nurses advocate, a free B’s (blood pressure, blood sugar level and body weight) check was also offered by the Nursing Division. Also accessible for free to all Rizal Med employees was a refreshing, relaxing and recharging head, back or hand massage. The Nursing Division does not only promote physical wellness but also spiritual wellness. This is why a Holy Mass for all Nurses was celebrated at the Rizal Med Chapel. This is also a humble way to give back to the Heavenly Father all the blessings that the division has received.

           Thursday, October 26, 2017, was the day our dear nurses shared the blessings the Lord has given them with the Nursing Division’s partner orphanage, The Tahanan ng Pagmamahal. Volunteers went over to the orphanage and gave simple gifts to the children there. The smiles of these children can be seen as they received the gifts and then joined our volunteers in a dance number later on.


The gathered donations from all the nurses to be given to our partnered orphanage, “Tahanan ng Pagmamahal”. These goods are early Christmas gifts to the little angels at the orphanage.

              Nurses Week came to a close with our dear nurses showcasing their hidden acting talents on the last day.  This was the first celebration of Nurses’ week that a short film festival in a red carpet event was conducted. The award for Best Short Film went to Tagimpan (produced by Medical, IMCU and Philhealth Ward) which was directed by Ms. Leah Secillano-Trovela who also happened to receive the award for best director. Mr. Jovani Padrigano (Nurse from IMCU) got the Best Actor Award while Ms. Rose Kathleen Turingan (Nurse from OPD) got the Best Actress Award. Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress Awardee were Mr. Joshua Libramonte (Nurse from Surgery 1) and Ms. Mariles Vargas (Unit Manager, Emergency Department), respectively. Other short film entries were Unang Sulyap (OB-ER, DR/LR/OR Complex), Aruga (Surgery 2, Pedia 1 and Pedia 2), Nars (OPD and ER), Puso (ICU, Surgery 1, OR and RR) and Spark (OB Annex, OB Main and Pay Ward). Kudos to all nurses who were discovered for their acting talents! Congratulations to all the entries in the film festival! After the film fest, the nurses had their party night with a live band.


The Holy mass offered for our nurses as thanksgiving for the blessings the Division and every nurse have received.


The pediatric patients who were our guests during the film viewing of the movie, Boss Bay.

Red Carpet

The red carpet night during the film festival last October 27, 2017. Talented actresses and actors were discovered as their short films were presented.

               This was truly a very enjoyable, relaxing and encouraging week for all Rizal Med Nurses! Thank you for celebrating with us! See you all next year as we give tribute to our new heroes, our DEAR NURSES!

 “I can imagine a world without angels but not a world without nurses, because nurses are actually angels in disguised”.

          Conflicts do arise in any organization and Health care organizations are definitely not exempted from this conflict specially in the area of management. However, it is still important to create value through managing these arising conflicts in the work place. Having this line of thinking, Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores encouraged our nurses to participate in a seminar conducted by the ANSAP which had the theme: “Creating Value Through Conflict Management.” This seminar which happened to be the 12th Perla B. Sanchez Management Lecture in the series was held at the Rigodon Hall of the Manila Hotel last August 24, 2017.

          The objective of the seminar included the identification of counterproductive habit pattern in the workplace that affects safety of staff and clients. Another objective was to be able to identify strategies for creating a positive environment for a win-win outcome. NI and NII nurses from RMC have participated in the seminar with our Chief Nursing Officer. This seminar would in all likelihood help our nurses to solve conflicts in a more efficient and effective manner which could most probably result in improved quality and patient safety as well as an increase in staff morale.






















Nurses from different specialty and clinical areas of RMC led by their Chief Nursing Officer, Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores, participated in the ANSAP Seminar held at the Manila Hotel.






















The Philippine Hospital Infection and Control Nurses Association of the Philippines (PHICNA) conducted a Skills Building Seminar at the Crowne Plaza Hotel last September 15, 2017 from 8:00am to 5:00pm with the theme: “Applied Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Prevention and Control.” The training program is offered to all Infection Control Nurses to equip them with the understanding of the principles of epidemiology and of how these principles can be applied to their respective hospital settings.

The Nursing Division of Rizal Medical Center (RMC) grabbed this opportunity by sending its institution’s nurses to the said seminar. The topics discussed in the seminar included hospital epidemiology, epidemic investigation, epidemiology and hand hygiene as well as outbreak investigation for case study. RMC’s endeavor in providing safe and quality health care services is one of the reasons why the Nursing Division’s Chief Nurse, Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores, encouraged RMC’s nurses to participate in such seminars. Continuous improvement on knowledge and skills through training would certainly contribute to the successful realization of RMC’s vision of becoming a nosocomial free hospital. Louise Marie D. Flores (second from the left) together with the two PHICNA Officers (at the center), three Nurse Managers and Infection Control Nurses who represented RMC during the PHICNA Seminar held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.


“Nursing Leader’s Toolkit for the 21st Century”

            The Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines (ANSAP) has never failed to give us quality seminars and conventions for the past years. And last August 25, 2017, the 50th Mid-year convention was held at the Fieta Pavilion, Manila Hotel from 7:00am to 5:00pm. This year’s convention showcased today’s generation of great mentors and leaders not only in the field of nursing but also in other health care disciplines. The theme of this year’s convention was Nursing Leader’s Toolkit for the 21st Century.

            The convention was started by a thanksgiving mass presided over by Rev. Fr. Ulysses C. Caho. This mass was chaired by our very own Chief Nursing Officer, Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores who was also the Chair of the Ethics and Legislation Committee of ANSAP. Dr. Flores was also the floor director of the said convention. The Nursing Division choir who sang during the mass also showed their unwavering talents. After the mass was the program proper. Dr. Jesus M. Jardin who was the keynote speaker emphasized that leaders today must change the landscape of how they lead. This is because of the different significant phenomena that we are currently facing in the 21st century.


            There were also presentations made by different health care institutions of their respective nursing researches. We, at Rizal Medical Center, are proud that one of the research works that were on poster display was ours which is entitled, “Evaluating Leadership and Management Skills of Selected Nurse Managers in Rizal Medical Center: A Quantitative Analysis.”  Ms. Arlene Parcasio, team leader of the group responsible for this research, received the certificate of appreciation.



Ms. Arlene Parcasio (6th from the left) was one of our representatives who was designated to receive the certificate of appreciation in regards to our participation in the Poster Display of research studies.


The Research entry of Rizal Medical Center on a poster display in the 50th Mid-Year ANSAP Convention.


Participants of the 50th ANSAP Convention with Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores, Chief Nursing Officer of RMC (6th from the left) and Dr. Rodolfo C. Borromeo (7th from the left), the Chairperson of the Research Committee of ANSAP.

leaders in the field of nursing. May we all be ready to grab our toolkits and be prepared to lead the nurses in the 21st century!