By: Carmela S. Obayan, RN     

          Rizal Medical Center participated in the 9th Biennial Congress of the Asian Society of Stoma Rehabilitation held at the Augusto M. Barcellon Auditorium, Podium Building, The Medical City. The event was a two-day seminar, and was held from May 12 to 13, 2016. This Biennial Congress was participated in by different public and private hospitals in the Metro. There were local and international speakers invited to share their expertise on the subject.

By: Nursing Division

          Nursing Research is vital. We improve, revise and reassess nursing care standards through nursing research. “Evidence-based practice”, this is what we always hear from different scholars. Through nursing research, we produce evidence-based practice. 

          In line with this important fact, the nursing division provided a scholarship program to one of their nurses, Ms. Carmela S. Obayan, Nurse II from the Philhealth Ward. Ms. Obayan was granted a scholarship at the UP Open University, in which she took up the short course of Research Utilization in Nursing Administration. It was an online-based course on nursing research which started September 2015 and ended on the first week of January 2016. The course structure included concepts in the nursing research process, critiquing published research studies and utilization of evidence to guide nursing practice.

        Last December 22, 2015, the nursing division celebrated their annual Christmas Party with the theme “Nurses Go International.” The different areas and wards competitively prepared for the Christmas Party.  They were all in fancy costumes as they represented their respective countries.

        The day of the party started with a parade that went through the different areas of the hospital. It ended at the RMC Auditorium where the program proper of the party was conducted. The party was led by the Nursing Council of the Division, which was also game for the costumes. They represented The United States of America. The white Christmas celebration of the State was truly exemplified in their elegant sweater jacket and boots. They also prepared an intermission number which was joined by their Chief Nurse, none other than, Dr. Louise Marie D. Flores. The Council showed their talents in dancing as they rocked the stage with their moves.


The main event of the Christmas Party was the dance contest that showed how each country celebrates its Christmas. The third runner up for the contest was China, which was represented by Philhealth and Medical Ward. 


OB Main and OB Annex Ward joined together and represented the country France. The said country got the second runner up place.


        The last presenter of the dance contest was the country Japan. Japan was represented by DR/LR-OB-OR/RR-NICU specialty areas. These nurses and nursing attendants in their kimonos won first place.


        This event encourages our dear nursing personnel to socialize with each other towards building a healthy and competitive work environment. Let us all gear up for the next theme in December 2016 as we again celebrate the birth of Christ through this Christmas party.

        Saving lives is what nurses already do in their profession. Providing nursing care is not enough for them if they could still perform good deeds for their patients. This is why the Nursing Division conducts an annual bloodletting program to extend their hands an extra inch for their patients.

        It was March 15, 2016, 8:00am to 4:00pm, when the Nursing Division conducted their annual bloodletting program in Rizal Medical Center. The theme was “Be counted in the One Hundred Donors”. Ms. Betty S. Labao was the assigned chairman of the 2016 bloodletting program. 

The names of the Nursing Personnel who counted themselves as part of the 100 blood donors.

        Prior to the bloodletting day 100 names were registered to be part of the 100 blood donors. Unfortunately, many of the donors did not pass the criteria or qualifications in bloodletting. Despite this, there were still 35 blood bags collected on that day. Better than nothing. We believe that these blood bags could be of big help to our patients who need them because every drop of blood counts. 


         We, together with the Nursing Division hope that on the 12th Annual Bloodletting Program, we could double the blood bags that will be collected. Hope to see you guys next year. Be counted! Every drop of your blood counts! J