The Rizal Medical Center (formerly The Rizal Provincial Hospital) is a DOH-retained Level III hospital born out of a need for the government to solve health problems and alleviate sufferings of medically indigent patients and clientele of the various people of the province of Rizal in particular, its catchment areas and the country in general. It marks its 70th year of operations, armed with a renewed commitment as an institution of excellence.

It started as a 25 bed institution, and now it has grown to a 300 bed capacity hospital. Through the years, the institution has trained medical students and interns, nursing students at all levels, medical technologists, as well as post-graduate trainees in medical specialties, nursing and hospital administration, medical records management, Medical Records Officers, Central Supply Services and Nutrition-Dietary services, and others who wished to avail of our services including 3rd party participants and trainees.
For seventy years of loyal and dedicated services since its inception, the medical center continues to make its institutional presence felt by promoting sound and appropriate management guided by the following objectives:

To provide a high quality of clientele/patient care to as many people as possible economically and efficiently.
To render emergency treatment and first aid in accidents and disasters.
To assist in the preventive aspects of public health, such as case finding, immunization, pre-natal examinations, etc.
To serve as a laboratory and workshop for doctors, nurses, medical technologists and all other health disciplines who are in training.
To provide expanded and extended health services to other areas where there is a need.
To facilitate staff development of all technical and non-technical hospital personnel at all levels through formal and informal programs of education, in-service training and continuing professional education.
To enhance opportunities for research and studies.
The vision of the professional group of managers of the Rizal Medical Center is to set up an organization that would speed up health development through the introduction of better and effective hospital management strategies and systems. To date, we can look back with humility and satisfaction because the dream has materialized into reality, far beyond our expectations.