PT Ruben Dela Cruz

I am Ruben A. Dela Cruz, 70 years old, happily married of Mandaluyong City with a stage 4 colorectal cancer.

I would like to share the good services that I have experienced with the nurses of Rizal Medical Center.

My good experience with them started when I was accepted for chemotherapy sessions every two weeks since like April 21, 2016.

During my 2nd chemotherapy session, I experienced the side effects of it like falling hair, dry mouth, mouth sores, nausea, etc. These are some of the factors for my sufferings.

As a stage 4 cancer patient, it is but natural to experience depression, anxiety, loneliness and hopelessness because of my sickness. 

During my stay, I have witnessed how the RMC nurses treated me. They were all smiling, they are kind, and they always have shown the concern and care for their patients.

I was amazed by the way they cared for me. The love and care that they have extended to me has lessened my sufferings. They were very personal in their approach with their patients. They always ask “ Tatay, kumusta na po kayo? (with a smile), “Ano po ang nararamdaman nyo? Laging may personal touch, parang hinde iba, may pagmamalasakit.. as if they were caring for their own family members. They were used as an instrument to make me happy. I was inspired by the concern that they have showed me. It gives me hope and courage to fight this dreaded disease.

With the good service of the RMC nurses, I salute you. I was satisfied and happy.

Napapaisip tuloy ako. Sana wala ng Filipino nurses na aalis papuntang ibang bansa. Sana kapwa Filipino ang makinabang sa natatanging pag-aalaga ng mga nurses natin.

I hope that our government will do some measures to increase the salary and benefits of Filipino nurses, to make them stay and serve our countrymen.

Added to that, during my 6th chemotherapy session, I happened to meet my roommate, a patient who is an employee of RMC.

I have observed that a lot of his co-employees, were visiting him. They were all happy during their visit in our room and it somehow eases pain that I am experiencing. I also appreciate the care and concern of their bosses to their employee. Imagine a boss visiting their subordinate, allotting their precious time to check if their employee is ok… I really admire them for their good deeds and concern.

It seems that the spirit of relationship and values shared among employees are like FAMILY…

Salamat sa mga doctors ko na nagbibigay ng malasakit sa akin sa kagustuhan nila na ang kanilang pasyente ay gumaling. Maraming salamat din sa lahat ng nananalangin para sa akin sa aking mabilis na paggaling.

I strongly believe that Rizal Medical Center can still help many sick patients like me who is also in need of good medical service.  To the leadership and staff of Rizal Medical Center, thank you for everything. God Bless…