The humble beginnings of the Anesthesia Department of Rizal Medical Center in 1961 started with the leadership of Dr. Aurea Ambrosio and Mary Ampil-Litonjua, the first and second department heads, respectively, who both trained Dr. Vivencio Oracion, the first resident of the department. At present, the residency program of the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine is fully accredited.

     The Mission of the department is to be one of the best Anesthesiology Departments in the country in terms of services, training and research. We shall render comprehensive and compassionate service to our patients, provide superior training in all aspects of the specialty and keep abreast with the latest developments as well as engage in pioneering research in the Philippines.

     The Department offers a three-year program for residency training in Anesthesiology. The program is oriented toward learning related basic sciences for residents to acquire clinical competence based on knowledge, case management, technical skills and oral skills. The training program renders exposure to different subspecialties of Anesthesia. Competent consultant staff complete their fellowship from well-known subspecialty centers not only here in our country but also internationally from Pediatric Anesthesia, Obstetrics Anesthesia, Perinatology, Pain, Critical care, Vascular and Transplant, and Thoracic Anesthesia.

     Currently, we have eight competent consultant staff, nine MO4s and ten resident staff rendering compassionate care to all patients of Rizal Medical Center.