The Rizal Medical Center Obstetrics and Gynecology Department takes pride in its 4 year residency training program spearheaded by some of the best names in Philippine Obstetrics and Gynecology Society: Chairman: Dr. Nelinda Catherine Pangilinan (Ultrasonography), Training Officer: Dr. Ronald Capito, (Gynecologic Oncology) Consultants: Dr. Rey H. delos Reyes (Gynecologic Oncology & Past President of POGS), Dr. Maria Carmen Quevedo (Trophoblastic Disease & Past President of POGS),     Dr. Mario Bernardino (Perinatology & President of Fetal-Maternal Medicine), Dr. Carmencita Solidum (Quality Assurance Head-RMC), Dr. Claudette Cabingue (Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility),       Dr. Nerissa Gracia Nano (Perinatology), Dr. May Gabaldon (Infectious Diseases Specialist) and last but not the least, Dr. Franklin Atencio ( Honorary Consultant & Advanced Pelvic Surgery). All consultants handle everyday cases with diligent supervision. The residency program is composed of 17 residents (at the time of writing) all with satisfactory clinical and surgical performance in the field. The residents encounter wide variety of cases, both obstetrical & gynecological, from the simplest to the most complicated ones. Every single patient is managed first hand with the appropriate guidelines and expertise of the consultants.

     Needless to say, the residents learn both by their successes and their mistakes but all for the common goal of giving the best care for the common people.  Due to the abundance of cases, they accept rotators, interns & clerks from private institutions as an outside rotation. Every year level is assigned to specialty areas. 2nd year: Ultrasound & Pathology, 3rd year: Tumor Clinic, 4th year: Ultrasound. Last year (2015), the department opened its door to Medical Officer IV and Ultrasound Fellows. The former are tasked with supervisory responsibilities to the residents in training while the latter man the ultrasound clinic (AREMCEE) which opened to the public in March 2015 at the Outpatient Department.

     The Labor Room-Delivery Room- Operating Room complex is located at the east wing, ground floor of the institution alongside the OB Emergency Room. Patients are immediately given the needed attention due to the proximity of this complex. The OB Outpatient Room is also at the ground floor of the Outpatient Department which caters to different cases everyday with the following schedule: Monday AM: high risk pregnancy, Monday PM: gynecology cases, Tuesday: gynecology cases, Wednesday: low risk pregnancy, Thursday: high risk pregnancy, Friday: 1st prenatal check up, Saturday: referrals and 1st check up. The OB OPD averages 140 patients each day, topping the census of the Rizal Medical Center Outpatient Department. Gynecologic malignancies are enrolled in the Tumor Clinic and is seen every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Services offered are the following: chemotherapy, brachytherapy and radiotherapy.  With these advancements in facilities, highly specialized personnel and administrators, the Rizal Medical Center OB GYN department is sure to deliver excellent practice in the field and service to the people.