The Department of Ophthalmology started from very humble beginnings. In 1961 the Department of EENT was established. Eventually a formal distinction of the Ophthalmology department was achieved in 1991. Led by competent consultants, the department was first headed by Dr. Rodrigo Santos, who was subsequently replaced by Dr. Franklin P. Kleiner. Under Dr. Kleiner, modernization and updating of the different equipment continued. The residency training program was also formalized as a 4-year training program, certified by the Philippine Board of Ophthalmology. Currently, the Department has a new home, occupying the 3rd floor of the Out Patient Department, now complete with an out patient consultation area, different subspecialty clinics, diagnostic center and an ambulatory operating room. The department still continues to aim for excellence and competence by improving and procuring more instruments and equipment that will further help the department achieve its mission, and that is to provide adequate eye care to every Filipino.

The Consultant Staff of the Department of Ophthalmology

Chairman/ Optics and Public Health Ophthalmology: Dr. Heriberto P. Guballa

Assistant Chairman/ Medical and Surgical Retina: Dr. Milagros H. Arroyo

Training Officer: Dr. Lourdes Ang (Neuroophthalmology)

Plastics, Lacrimal and Oculoplasty: Franklin P. Kleiner

Cornea and External Disease: Dr. Anna Lisa Yu-Mateo

Galucoma: Dr. Maria Imelda Y. Veloso

Pediatric and Strabismus: Dr. Joanne G. Bolinao

Neuroophthalmology: Dr. Karen B. Reyes

Dr. Lourdes T. Ang

Cataract and Refractive: Dr. Manuel Yu Chua

Dr. Gladness Martinez

General Ophthalmology: Dr. Elaine Yatco-Omana


Out Patient Clinic

General OPD: Monday to Friday (8am to 3pm) and Saturday (8am-11am)

Subspecialty Clinics

Monday: External Disease, Cataract

Tuesday: Plastics Lacrimal & Orbit

Wednesday: Retina, Cataract & Neuro-Ophthalmology

Thursday: Glaucoma, Pedia and Strabismus

Friday: Cataract, Neuro-Ophthalmology

 Diagnostic and Laser Services

OCT (Hiedelberg Spectralis) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Perimetry (Octopus 900) Wednesday, Thursday

B-scan (Ellex Eye Cubed) Wednesday

Biometry (Immersion, Lenstar) Monday, Wednesday

532 Laser: Wednesday, Thursday

Yag Laser: Monday, Thursday, Friday

Ambulatory Operating Room: Tuesday to Friday