The Rizal Med Department of Pediatrics is committed in providing quality and efficient health care to the pediatric patients in the community aided by excellent education and training of undergraduate, postgraduate and residents in pediatric medicine. This includes but is not limited to Academics and training of residents and other allied health care providers, research as well as a wide-array of patient services.


       The Rizal Med Department of Pediatrics is a premier multi-disciplinary referral center providing the highest level of patient- and family-centered care by 2023.


       Deliver excellent quality health care services to all pediatric patients provided by globally-competent and compassionate Pediatrician supported by allied health care professionals;

       Produce pediatricians who are efficient health care providers and managers, inspiring educators, innovative researchers and social mobilizers through an exemplary training program driven by committed residents and dedicated consultant staff;

       Engage and empower the community in promoting well-being through comprehensive and sustainable health care programs in partnership with stakeholders; and

       Enhance continuously the efficiency of service through proper maintenance and continuous upgrade of facilities and equipment

       The Department of Pediatrics has evolved tremendously in its 57 years of existence through the constant collaboration of its dedicated leaders and committed staff. At present, the team boasts of 8 general pediatricians; 24 subspecialists (Adolescent Medicine, Cardiology, Child Protection, Hematology-Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Intensive Care, Gastrointestinal, Neonatology, Nephrology, Neurology, Pulmonology, Allergology and Immunology Rheumatology, Endocrine, Sleep Medicine, and Toxicology); 9 Medical Officer IV or junior consultants; 19 resident trainees; and equally competent ancillary staff. The team, constantly strive to deliver excellent quality health care services to all pediatric patients of Rizal province, Pasig City and nearby areas. It continues to innovate and flourish particularly in patient service, staff training and development, and infrastructure, while always staying focused on its vision of becoming a premier multi-disciplinary center providing the highest level of patient and family-centered care.




Includes the following services:

Newborn Screening, Newborn Hearing, Mother- Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and Human Milk bank

Neonatal Care Unit is located on the Ground floor of the hospital adjacent to LR/DR/OR complex of OB composed of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Intermediate Neonatal Care Unit. All uncomplicated normal and cesarean section babies delivered follow the “Unang Yakap” protocol.


Pediatrics ward is located on the 3rd floor, wing B for Pedia ward 1 and wing C for Pedia ward 2. Each ward has a nurse station and treatment room.

Service for in-patients will be under a two General Pediatrics non-covid and covid ward, respectively. Patients admitted to the wards are cohorted based on the cases of each patient. Each team will compose of a General Pediatric consultant, a senior resident (3rd or 2nd year resident) and a junior resident (1st year resident)


The ER Team should be composed of the Medical Specialist (MS) Consultant of the Month, Medical Officer IV (MO4), Pediatric Resident on Duty (PROD) and Senior and Junior Interns. At any given period of time, there should be at least 1 MO4 and 1 PROD at the Pediatrics ER.


-          Well baby/ immunization/ general sick baby clinic

-          Subspecialty clinics:

1.      Adolescent

2.      Allergy and Immunology

3.      Cardiology/ RHD

4.      Child Protection

5.      Hematology and Oncology

 ( Cancer Center)

6.      Neurology

7.      Nephrology

8.      Pulmonology

9.      Rheumatology


This is one of the frontline services which the Department of Pediatrics is proud of. It is located on the 2nd floor of the OPD Complex and it consists of the Well-Baby, Sick Baby under 5 and over 5 clinics, and Adolescent Clinics. The OPD department is also the venue for the Out-Patient subspecialty clinics and where the Pediatric Clearance for surgical procedure is done.


The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the RizalMed Pediatrics is envisioned to be a place where optimum care of the critically ill patient is assured through team approach (early involvement of the different subspecialties needed by the patient)


Weekly family visits are done by the pediatric residents and volunteers in Barangay Palatiw prior to the pandemic. Because of the large land area of Barangay Palatiw, family visits were concentrated in Villa Raymundo, Brgy Palatiw. This area which is composed of approximately 100 households, was identified by the Barangay Council as the most indigent area of Palatiw, hence was the focus of the family visits. Vulnerable members of the households, such as newborns, children less than 11 months old and breastfeeding mothers were the focus of the family visits.