• What does L&D mean?

Learning and Development (L&D) is broadly defined as a set of interventions for the personal, career and professional development of hospital officials and employees that intend to improve individual and organizational performance


  • What is the difference between Non-formal and Informal L&D? 

Non-formal L&D Activity is an intervention that occurs in a structured and organized environment like training/education institution or on the job. It is explicitly designed as education in terms of time, objectives and resources. It is an intentional learning from the learner's perspective, may lead to certification or degree (i.e. workshop, training, seminar, lectures, e-learning, orientation, symposium, post-grad course, post- study programs, education programs) while Informal L&D Activity is an intervention where learning is acquired in a non-traditional way; the delivery of learning outside the confines of classroom setting. It is an education that is seen as a learning which goes on in our daily life or learning projects undertaken by us to teach ourselves and is based on the daily life experiences. (i.e. coaching, mentoring, feedback, work-shadowing, job rotation, job exchange, buddy system, benchmarking, cross-training and posting, meetings, behavior modeling).


  • As a supervisor, I want my staff/team to have a workshop/training for a certain topic. How can I request one for them?

Whether the topic requested for an LDI is available as an In-House offering or External Program, the Supervisor needs to prepare a request letter (addressed to the MCC through the CTO) if not in the L&D Plan or employees IDP, and accomplish an L&D Activity Proposal Form.


  • How do I know that information I share about me or my personal experiences, during workshops conducted by Rizal Med, remains confidential?

Personal information and sensitive information about experiences that are shared prior (upon registration) or during the Internal/In-House L&D Activities are all treated with confidentiality and for L&D purposes only.


  • What is the role of then Human Resources Department (HRD) in training and development?

The Human Resource Department (HRD) is the one responsible for the conduct of the Competency Based Learning and Development Needs Assessment (CBLDNA). Results are consolidated and summarized for the analysis of the Training Specialist and preparation of the L&D Plan.

  • What is training/learning and development process?
  1. The L&D Team of the HRD conducts a Competency Based Learning and Development Needs Assessment (CBLDNA) survey.
  2. The CBLDNA survey results will be consolidated and summarized to be forwarded to the Training Specialist for analysis.
  3. The Training Specialist will identify the competency gaps and develop an intervention to address the identified competency gap. The Training Specialist includes the LDNA in the Rizal Med’s L&D Plan for the year.  The Training Specialist may develop a training design, implement the training plan and conduct the training as well. The employee may also look for a Learning and Development Intervention (LDI) from other training providers outside Rizal Med that will address their needs.
  4. The proponent of the LDI will make a LDI proposal for approval of the Chief Training Officer. Once approved, the proponent will prepare all the necessary documents (Hospital Personnel Order and Request for Payment) needed for the implementation of the said LDI.
  5. The proponent or attendee of the training will liquidate the cash advance and will pass a training workshop report to the Chief Training Office and Human Resource Department within 7 working days after the training.
  • Is training an HR function?

Yes. The HR has also taken initiatives to conduct training especially General Orientation for the newly hired employees.

  • How can employees improve training/learning and development?

Employees can improve training/learning and development by accomplishing, with all honesty, Post Training Evaluation (PTE) Forms. Feedback gathered from these evaluation forms are summarized by the program implementers and analyzed by the Program Designers/Training Specialist to further improve and develop the L&D Intervention.

  • Is there a fee to participate in L&D programs?

In-house L&D Activities are free of charge while External L&D Activities usually require registration fees, however may be shouldered by the institution depending on the classification on the Hospital Personnel Order (HPO). If it’s on Official Time, the participant shoulder’s fees while if on Official Business, the institution shoulders the registration fees. Also indicated on the HPO the absence from either type of L&D Activity may require the participant to pay for the fees (based on the amount stated on the [HPO])