The objective of Rizal Medical Center’s Postgraduate Internship Program is to provide an opportunity for sufficient exposure to and development of proficiency in the recognition and management of common conditions encountered in general practice.

     During internship, the intern becomes a part of the hospital team. The intern is expected to gain insight into the practice of medicine, not only from the point of view of institutional care, but also in relation to out-patient practices, and into the safeguarding of public health.  Another objective would be to allow the intern to appraise the different specialties which may be considered as an option for future training.  Internship shall be an opportunity to show one’s talent and qualities which had no chance to manifest in didactic classroom work.


     The internship of one full year in this institution shall be a rotating internship. The intern shall rotate in:

Medicine 2 months
Pediatrics 2 months
Community Medicine 2 months
ENT – HNS 2 weeks
Radiology / Pathology / Anesthesiology 1 week
Minor OR 1 week
Family Planning 1 week
Psychiatry 1 week
Surgery 2 months
Obstetrics & Gynecology 2 months
Ophthalmology 2 weeks

     Other rotations will be spent in such disciplines at the discretion of the interns with the approval of the Chief Training Officer.

     The Medical Center Chief (MCC), Chief Medical Professional Staff (CMPS) and Chief Training Officer (CTO) certify the satisfactory completion of the internship program.

     The intern shall receive no compensation and shall pay no tuition. However, the cost of certificate or diploma shall be borne by the intern. The hospital shall furnish the intern quarters and meals whenever on 16-hour duty.

For more information regarding the PGI program, please call the Training Office at 865-8400 loc 110 (Mon-Fri / 8am - 5pm), look for Ms. Karen Landrito.